Our approach

Meadow approach takes advantage of the Mediterranean natural conditions and combines them with the best available knowledge and management techniques in order to reach higher efficiency and sustainability in agriculture and livestock production in this geographical area.


Investing In Livestock Production In PortugalKey Facts

Special market conditions

  • Iberia is a geographical hub for livestock trade
  • Increasing global demand for beef and livestock
  • Strategic location for the Northern and Southern Africa and the Middle East trade routes, especially for live animals
  • Increasing demand for live animals by African and Eastern countries, mainly due to cultural reasons
  • EU Common Agricultural Policy subsidies

Unique conditions for cattle production

  • Large properties at EU level
  • Large irrigated area favorable to the production of high quality forages benefiting from one of the most modern irrigation systems in Europe, an irrigation area that includes the largest artificial lake in Europe (Alqueva dam) with a potential for the irrigation of 140,000 ha directly and a large number of auxiliary or independent irrigation areas, totaling close to 400 000 irrigated ha
  • Extraordinary soil and climate conditions for cattle breeding, allowing extensive grazing on 365 days/year to feed animals on a grass diet rich in protein
  • Eco-friendly producing method capturing carbon that may have economic value

Low farmland price

Low farmland price in the range of developed economies with expected appreciation in the short and medium term

Competitive Financing Conditions

Portuguese banks have a great appetite for agricultural projects and offer very competitive financing conditions, namely low fixed rates and long maturities

Low risk of investment

Deep knowledge

Meadow approach to livestock production is supported in the deep knowledge accumulated by our management team in this sector through the last 10 years and distinguishes from the current approaches by the use of innovative feeding and management techniques developed in the last decade